Verification and Validation of CFD Modeling for Low-Flow-Coefficient Centrifugal Compressor Stages

Abstract: In this paper, the numerical model of a centrifugal compressor low-flow stage is verified.
The gaps and labyrinth seals were simulated in the numerical model. The task was to determine the
optimal settings for high-quality modeling of the low-flow stages. The intergrid interface application
issues, turbulence and roughness models are considered.

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Analysis of the influence of theoretical head coef-ficient on the low-flow centrifugal compressor stage characteristics

The article presents the results of a numerical study of the influence of the theoretical head coefficients on the characteristics of a low-flow stage of a centrifugal compressor. The study was conducted in the Ansys CFX 19.2 software package. As a result of a numerical study, it was found that the drop in the efficiency of the compressor stage with an increase in the theoretical head coefficient is associated with a decrease in the efficiency of the stationary elements due to the increased absolute speed behind the impeller. At the same time, an increase in the theoretical head coefficient leads to a decrease in losses associated with the coefficient 1 + βlk + βfr, and therefore, an increase in the polytropic efficiency of the impeller is observed at values ​​of the theoretical head coefficient Ψt ≤0.64.

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