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Компрессорная, вакуумная, холодильная техника и системы транспорта и переработки газа

Создана специалистами кафедры "Компрессорная, вакуумная и холодильная техника" и Научной школы компрессоростроения Санкт-Петербургского политехнического университета Петра Великого

Investigation of the real gas conversion method for a low-temperature methane compressor

In this work, a study was made of methods for converting a real gas from a full-scale compressor to a model one for low-temperature pure methane using the equations of state of a real gas Benedict-Webb-Rubin and Peng-Robinson. In the course of the work, the features of recalculation methods were studied, a model of an air compressor was selected, corresponding in parameters to a model of a low-temperature methane compressor using the theory of similarity, using similarity criteria. Also, in this work, the features of the application of various equations of state were studied when describing the model of a low-temperature methane compressor, as well as the features that arise when this model is converted to an air model analogue. Data were obtained on the possibility of applying the proposed methods on real units, and the invariance of the method with respect to the used equations of state of a real gas for pure methane at temperatures from 150 to 300 K and a division of 0.2 MPa was proved. At the final stage of the work, comparative characteristics of two models of natural methane compressors were obtained, based on different equations of real gas, describing the medium and two models of model compressors using air as a working medium and being model analogs of the above units.

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